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High School

High School Advanced Academics
Generally more rigor is better than less. We encourage all students to participate in  Advanced Placement (AP) and/or the  International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme (DP). The AP Programs are offered on all of the high school campuses while the IB DP is only offered at Leander HS (Vandegrift HS is pending authorization). 

Once in high school, LISD students learn foundational skills  may participate in Pre-AP/IB courses.  in mathematics, science, social studies and English. Ninth and tenth grade Pre-AP/IB courses are vertically aligned with Leander ISD's AP and/or IB courses in 11th and 12th grades. Students may select from a variety of courses in mathematics, science, social studies, English, foreign language and fine arts.

AP Capstone is a new College Board program offered at Cedar Park HS, Rouse HS, Vandegrift HS, and Vista Ridge HS. As part of the AP Capstone Program, the AP Seminar and AP Research courses allow students the ability to explore specific academic interests not tied to a content area. 

Both the AP and the IB programs provide students with academic challenge preparing them  for the rigor of college. Students may have the opportunity to earn college credit determined by each college campus. The College Board and the International Baccalaureate websites offer a wealth of resources about exploring the AP Program and the IB DP.

LISD offers an additional advanced program called OnRamps. OnRamps is a Dual Enrollment Program through the University of Texas offering students rigorous courses aligned with college expectations. Students may select the Pre-Calculus Pre-AP course at Cedar Park HS, Rouse HS, Tom Glenn HS, and Vista Ridge HS to earn both high school and university credit.

For information related to Leander ISD’s advanced programs refer to the 2017-18 District High School Course Catalog or your campus counselor. Your campus counselor can help guide you through making course selections aligned to your strengths and future goals. 

Contact Information
Director for College and Career Readiness - Lisa Nucci, 570-0309