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Exam for Acceleration (EA) Process

According to Texas State Board of Education rules, school districts must offer Examinations for Acceleration (EA) at every grade level and for every subject area offered in grades K-12. To help schools serve this mandate, the University of Texas and Texas Tech University Distance Education Centers offer a wide array of exams for grades 1-12. Leander ISD uses these resources to ensure standardization and objectivity of the exams.

Exam for Acceleration Criteria
Students in grades 6-8 seeking placement credit in a subject area in which they have not received prior instruction may earn credit by passing these exams with a score of 80%.

Testing Dates

Below is the Exam for Acceleration testing schedule for students in grades K–12. For more details or to register for EA testing, please contact your campus counselor.

Please note: All of the below EA testing dates enable qualifying students to accelerate for the 2020–21 school year.

  • Dec. 2-4, 2019, on campuses
    Registration deadline: Monday, Nov. 4, 2019

  • March 2–4, 2020, on campuses
    Registration deadline: Monday, Feb. 10, 2020

  • June 1–4, 2020, location to be determined
    Registration deadline: Friday, April 24, 2020


Need additional information?

For grades 1-12, UT provides review sheets in a free online printable format, available even before students are enrolled. Please click this link for more information.

Pre-Advanced Placement (Pre-AP)

Students who are high achievers and/or wish to take the higher-level academic classes that best prepare them for college benefit greatly from advanced-course preparation in middle school. With this in mind, Leander ISD middle school students may begin taking Pre-AP (Preparation for Advanced Placement) courses in Mathematics or Language Arts.

The Pre-AP courses that are available to Leander ISD middle school students include PACE Math, Algebra I and/or Geometry, and 6th, 7th and 8th grade Pre-AP Language Arts. These courses are designed to prepare students to take future AP and/or IB courses in high school. Students in these advanced courses are introduced to the type of work and expectations they will encounter in those advanced classes.

students working togetherPACE/Pre-AP Mathematics

LISD’s middle school PACE (Programs for Advancement, Challenge and Enrichment) and Pre-AP (Preparation for Advanced Placement) Mathematics Programs provides challenge and deep understanding for students who have shown a need for acceleration in the area of mathematics and prepares them for success in upper level mathematics courses.

The PACE/Pre-AP experience in grades 6 and 7 prepares students for Pre-AP Algebra I in grade 8.

  • The curriculum for 6th grade PACE/Pre-AP mathematics focuses on a large portion of the both 6th and 7th grade newly revised mathematics TEKS. Students in 6th grade PACE/Pre-AP mathematics will take the 6th grade math STAAR test because they will not have finished the entirety of the newly revised 7th grade math TEKS.
  • The curriculum for the 7th grade PACE/Pre-AP course combines content from both the 7th and 8th grade TEKS. 7th grade PACE/Pre-AP math students will finish their study of 7th grade TEKS and complete the study of 8th grade TEKS. Students in 7th grade PACE/Pre-AP mathematics will take the 8th grade STAAR test.

Students successfully completing PACE/Pre-AP mathematics courses will continue to be enrolled in PACE/Pre-AP mathematics courses each year. Middle School Pre-AP Algebra I students must take the STAAR End of Course exam as a part of their high school graduation requirements. Middle school students who pass Pre-AP Algebra I will receive high school credit for this course. As high school students, their course sequence should include Pre-AP Geometry, Pre-AP Algebra II, Pre-AP Pre-Calculus and an AP Calculus or AP Statistics course their senior year.

Students moving into LISD may qualify for the PACE/Pre-AP mathematics program with a transcript showing successful participation in accelerated mathematics courses from their previous school or by showing mastery on the LISD PACE Screener Test. Students and parents may request testing information and dates upon registration.

Read more about the PACE Math Qualifying Process

students working togetherQUEST-G/T

“QUEST” is an acronym for Quality Utilization and Enrichment of Student Talents. Leander ISD’s QUEST-G/T Services are designed to meet the needs of identified gifted students who have demonstrated above-average ability in the following two areas of giftedness as defined by the Texas State Plan for the Gifted: 1) high general-intellectual ability at the 95th percentile; and, 2) creative and productive thinking.

In grades 6-8, QUEST-G/T students participate in a daily Pre-AP QUEST Studies class. The QUEST-G/T curriculum is designed to provide challenging learning opportunities for identified students. QUEST-G/T students receive advanced instruction in an interdisciplinary gifted curriculum, utilizing Pre-AP teaching strategies.

Secondary QUEST Quotes

See Middle School QUEST-G/T

Duke TIP (Talent Identification Program)

The Duke University recognizes and encourages high-ability students through the 7th grade Duke Talent Identification Program (TIP). Leander ISD supports the Duke TIP and offers this opportunity to interested students and parents. The District will email by Sept. 21 invitations, to parents of qualifying students, with registration details. If students received a district letter inviting them to participate, and you'd like more information, please see the below links. After reviewing the information, if you have additional questions, please email kathy.wood@leanderisd.org.

Helpful Links

Duke TIP Presentation 2019–20
Duke TIP Information: English | Spanish
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Contact Information

Director for K-12 Gifted and K-8 Advanced Programs - Kathy Wood
Coordinator for Advanced and Gifted Programs - Tamara Porras