Campus Staff Guidelines

Campus Staff Guidelines

1. The principal will work with the district coordinator to discuss the process for setting up the program and how the program works. 

2. The principal will inform the staff (classroom teachers, librarian and office staff) about the Spanish program and what their role is in the program. They should receive a copy of the Campus Staff Guidelines.

3. The principal will work together with the school Spanish program coordinator on requesting funds for the Spanish program from the PTA. This should be set up as soon as possible after school begins. Once it has been approved the coordinator needs to be notified as to the amount of the funds that will be available for purchasing program materials. 

4. The principal will work with the Spanish program coordinator to set up a location to store the Spanish program materials. They should be placed where classroom lessons will not be disturbed by volunteers retrieving materials.

5. The district coordinator will provide the principal with the name(s) and contact number(s) of the coordinators for their school. The principal will then provide this information to the office staff along with the district coordinator’s name and contact number.

6. The office staff will direct calls concerning the program to either the school Spanish program coordinator, the principal or the district coordinator. 

7. It may be necessary at times for the office staff and/or the principal to help the Spanish program coordinator with recruitment, fliers, the school newsletter and general information about the classes and schedules.

8. The classroom teachers will work with the Spanish program coordinator and the volunteer Spanish teachers to set up the schedule for their Spanish classes. The Spanish classes can be taught during non-core curriculum times. Social Studies time can be used as an alternate.

9. The classroom teachers must remain in the classroom during the Spanish lesson. This is required by the district.

10. The classroom teachers will be provided with the contact numbers for their volunteer Spanish teacher.

11. The classroom teachers need to notify the volunteer Spanish teachers whenever a school activity such as testing, parties, an assembly, field trips, etc. will interfere with the class schedule. The classroom teacher will work with the volunteer Spanish teachers to reschedule for a different day during the same week if possible. Any help the campus staff can provide to the school Spanish program coordinator will be greatly appreciated.