Coordinator Guidelines

Spanish Language Program Coordinator

1. The Campus Spanish Coordinator will work with the District Spanish Volunteer Coordinator in setting up the program at their school and maintaining it. The District Spanish Volunteer Coordinator will provide the training sessions for the volunteer Spanish teachers.

2. All the elementary Campus Spanish Coordinators and the District Spanish Volunteer Coordinator will meet as a group twice a year to discuss the status of each program, share various ideas and make changes as needed.

3. The Campus Spanish Coordinator will assure that potential volunteer Spanish teachers have the necessary requirements to teach Spanish to the students. The Campus Spanish Coordinator must have the volunteers complete a district volunteer application and background check form and determine what days, times and number of classes they are available for during the year. Review the guidelines for volunteers (signing in/out, proper dress, etc.)

4. All volunteer Spanish teachers need to attend a training session and they should be strongly encouraged to watch the Spanish teaching video provided to the school and/or online.

5. The Campus Spanish Coordinator will provide the volunteer Spanish teachers and the office with a copy of the Spanish class schedule. They will also provide the names and contact information of all the volunteer Spanish teachers.

6. Once you have your volunteer Spanish list and their availability, assign volunteers to classes based on classroom schedules. Don't forget to block out the times for specials, lunch and recess for each grade level. If any of the volunteer times do not match up with the times the classroom teachers have available, go back to the volunteers and see if they can change their time choices to match the classroom teachers. Please make every effort to fill kindergarten classes first and then work your way up through the grades.

7. Make sure the classroom teachers have the contact information for their volunteer Spanish teacher in the event they need to reschedule or cancel the Spanish class. Volunteer Spanish teachers also need to let the classroom teachers know ASAP when they need to reschedule or cancel a class due to an illness, child's illness, work commitment, etc.

8. Volunteer Spanish teachers will have access to a grade level matrix, Spanish program teaching materials, and an online curriculum. Make sure that the volunteer Spanish teachers understand that the teaching materials belong to the school and must remain at the school. They may not copy or duplicate any copyrighted materials.

9. Please make sure that curriculum materials are readily available, organized, and that new materials are laminated for protection and durability.

10. Make sure that the volunteer Spanish teachers are always informed of holidays, school wide testing, assemblies, etc. that may affect their class schedule. Post a monthly school calendar in the room where the Spanish materials are kept.

11. Ask each volunteer Spanish teacher to contact the classroom teacher prior to the first class to introduce them self and to discuss classroom discipline.

12. Meet with the principal at the beginning and throughout the school year to discuss the progress and make any necessary requests needed for the program. Coordinators for new campuses need to request from their principal a place to store program materials. Any ideas for school wide activities must be discussed with the principal in advance.

13. Contact the campus PTA President to request funds for the Spanish program.

14. Keep your campus informed about the Spanish program through the various school newsletters and volunteer website.

15. Recruitment for volunteers to the program will be done through fliers inside the kinder/new to district registration package, the school volunteer program (volunteer orientation meetings), back to school night, community fliers in the district website and through the school volunteer website.

16. If the volunteer Spanish teachers are having a problem with a class, please have them discuss it with you first. Determine if the volunteer Spanish teacher should discuss the problem with the classroom teacher. If you are unsure, then contact the District Spanish Volunteer Program Coordinator at

17. A written inventory of the materials will be done at the beginning of the year and again at the end of the year.

18. Contact the District Spanish Volunteer Coordinator to order enough sets of classroom labels to cover all the Spanish classes. These will need to be cut out and laminated.

19. All materials purchased for the Spanish program need to be marked as the property of the school.

20. Assistant Spanish coordinators will help with material preparation, scheduling, inventory of the materials and keeping the Spanish material area organized.