Summer Learning

Summer Learning

The purpose of summer learning is to continue skill practice and to develop necessary "habits of mind" beyond the school year. Summer learning promotes an early start to academic thinking and skill application while supporting common experiences that foster immediate instructional opportunities once students arrive on campus in August.

Though elementary students are not assigned specific work to do over the summer, all elementary students are encouraged to read all summer long. For engaging and educational activities designed for elementary-aged students, please visit our Elementary Summer Learning Fun website.

Summer Reading For All

Summer Reading For All

Every middle and high school student in LISD is expected to read a book of their choice this summer. Students need to be prepared to discuss their reading with classmates and English/Language Arts teachers next school year. For more info, visit the #sr4a page.

KHAN Academy – Skill building available 24/7

KHAN Academy — Skill building available 24/7

For incoming 9th-11th graders:
Your son or daughter took the PSAT in October, and a hard copy of the PSAT Score Report and test booklet was provided through most English and math classes in January. The most beneficial feedback your student receives is by logging into their College Board account, linking with Khan Academy, and reviewing the actual PSAT test questions. Students who link their College Board account with Khan Academy receive a personalized learning plan for skill building.

For all students:
If your son or daughter has not yet taken the PSAT, he/she may create a Khan Academy Account and take a brief assessment to receive a personalized learning plan for skill building.

Summer Learning: Required Assignments

Summer Learning: Required Assignments


English Language Arts Math


English Language Arts
Social Studies




Need more information on Summer Learning or the required assignments? Submit your question here.

For questions regarding IB assignments, please contact Kate Hauenstein at Leander High School or Debbie Quick at Vandegrift High School.