Summer School

2020 Summer School

COVID-19 Update for Summer School

We will be moving the opening date of summer school registration to a tentative live date of May 15, 2020.

We are currently reviewing the summer school delivery model in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. With the changing nature of this pandemic, all updates to summer school will be posted here. The LISD Summer School team appreciates our community’s understanding and flexibility during these uncertain times.

Contact Information
Alicia Westcot, Secondary Intervention Coordinator: 512-570-0236 |
Shannon Wilson, Administrative Assistant: 512-570-0387 |

Course Information

For original, first-time credit

Courses will be mostly asynchronous with a few required class meetings throughout the session.  These courses are not self-paced in that there are due dates and deadlines, however all learning will take place remotely.  

For original credit courses:  Google Classroom, Zoom and Google Meets will be the primary tools for virtual learning.  By registering for summer school, you agree to use all these formats.  For Credit Recovery:  All courses will be delivered using Edgenuity. 

Students who are interested in courses for original credit that are not being offered in LISD can reach out to UT High School or Texas Tech K–12. For other recommendations please email your counselor.

Full-Year Courses Offered (Credit award for full year):

Geometry, Algebra II
English: English IV
Science: Biology

Cost:  $300.00 Per Course
Dates: June 10-July 24, 2020. Please note: Lab and counseling support will not be available June 26-July 5.

Semester Courses Offered:

Social Studies: Government, Economics

Cost: $150 per semester course, may take either or both courses
Dates: Government Session I: June 10-26, Economics Session II: July 8-24

  • Open to in-district students only
  • Approval from your current campus counselor is required prior to registration
  • All courses taken for high school credit WILL count toward the student's high school GPA
  • Pre-AP and AP courses are not offered in summer school
  • Registration is open until summer school begins or until the classes are full.
  • Please select courses carefully as there are no refunds.

Online credit recovery lab:
Attempted the course and did not receive credit

Either a failing semester grade from any semester or an "I" semester grade from Spring 2020

Courses are online and self paced. Students may complete work at their own schedule. Students may regain more than one course over the summer. Access to a computer and internet service is required. Upon completion of the course, students will be required to submit a reflective summary form.

Courses Available

Math: Algebra I, Geometry, Math Models, Algebra II, Precalculus, Algebraic Reasoning
English: English I, English II, English III, English IV
Science: IPC, Biology, Environmental Systems, Chemistry, Physics
Social Studies: World Geography, World History, U.S. History, Government, Economics
Electives: Spanish I, Spanish II

Summer Session: June 10–July 24, 2020

    Please note: Lab and counseling support will not be available from June 26–July 5

Cost per session: Free

  • All courses will be offered through LISD’s Edgenuity platform.
  • All students must meet with their counselor for approval and course selections.
  • Open to in-district students only.
  • Students will receive a "P" for passing. No numerical grades will be awarded.
  • Pre-AP and AP courses are not offered in summer school.
  • Courses may be used to regain past failed credits or to repair “I”s from Spring 2020.
Registration Information

All students who wish to attend summer school must meet discuss with their counselor via email for course selection and approval prior to registering.

Online registration is preferred and opens May 15 at the link at the top of this page.

Code of Conduct

All policies/procedures stated in the LISD current Student and Parent Handbook are in effect during summer school. Any major infraction, i.e. tobacco, alcohol, drug infractions, etc., will result in immediate disciplinary action, which may include removal. No refunds will be given.