Leander ISD middle school dance programs strive toDance

  • Present a comprehensive overview of Dance
  • Provide opportunities for school & community involvement
  • Prepare students for success in high school dance programs
  • Promote a mindset of pursuing excellence in both individual and group endeavors in a safe, healthy, and nurturing environment
  • Encourage students to be model members of society by emphasizing dedication, responsibility, confidence, discipline, teamwork, organizational skills, and following LISD's 10 Ethical Principles.

LISD HS dance programs strive to provide a safe environment for students to express themselves creatively through dance and its many facets. We encourage the development of dance, personal, and organizational skills through opportunities in and around the community to make each student successful throughout high school and beyond.

No prior experience in dance is necessary. The only requirements are an intrinsic desire to do the necessary physical work and the ability to handle a moderate workout.

Within each school dance department students may participate in the dance team, which consists of 7th and 8th grade girls (middle schools) or sophomore, juniors and seniors (high schools). They are expected to boost school spirit and serve as goodwill ambassadors for the district while developing team building and leadership skills. Dance team recruiting sessions/clinics are typically held in December and in the spring for the following school year.