How Can Instructors Make Sure Content for Class is Not Blocked

How can instructors be sure that class material won’t be filtered for students?

Confirming student access to web content before planned instruction is always advisable. Student access can be verified as follows:

1. Open a Chrome browser incognito window.
(This is necessary to prevent false positives/negatives related to website caching.)


2. Perform all remaining steps in the incognito window that opens.
3. Go to a site that will produce a blocked page such as, and click the "Login" button.


4. Login with the username "studenths", "studentms", or "studentes" depending on your grade level and the password will be the same as your username.

5. Click the "Continue" button after logging in as a student.


6. A "Login Successful" window will pop out, indicating you are now filtered as a student. Be sure to leave this pop up open.


7. To return to staff filtering, click the "Logout" button in the pop out window.
8. Do not close the pop up window by clicking the X in the upper right corner.
9. If you do accidentally click the X, you will have to type "" into your browser address bar and hit Enter to return to staff filtering.