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DI StudentsWhat is Destination Imagination?

Destination ImagiNation® is not really a program, it’s a process. Team members engage in creative problem solving and teamwork all year long, individually and together, with DI Challenges. Participants develop life-long skills that carry over into everyday life – but most of all, they have fun, discover talents they never knew they had, become friends with kids they might not have ever met, and reap the rewards of teamwork and friendship as they grow and learn.

DI in LISD is open to all enrolled students, in grades three through twelve. Campuses are beginning to form teams for this school year. For more information, please contact your campus DI Facilitator (who is also a campus QUEST–G/T teacher) or the District Director, Kathy Wood.

Take a team of five to seven kids who are roughly the same age, add a mind boggling Team Challenge, shake it up with some on-the-spot thrills called Instant Challenges, add some costumes, props, a story line and, oh yeah, DON’T FORGET THE DUCT TAPE!

Destination Imagination

How much time does DI take? Students need to commit to an hour or two per week for team meetings. Exactly how long, where and when is up to each individual team.

What should you do if your child in grades 3-12 is interested in DI? First, please read "What is Destination Imagination?" (Spanish). Then, download and complete this registration form and commitment form (Spanish). Finally, return the completed and signed forms to the campus DI Facilitator (who is also the campus QUEST–G/T teacher).

Even though the students have to solve the problem, DI teams need adult volunteers to help with instant challenges, snacks, shuttling kids around, teaching skills the children want to learn, and most of all for team managers and appraisers. The more adults who commit to helping out, the less time intensive it is for everyone, and the more fun DI is for the kids. If you’re interested in helping with a team or being an appraiser for the DI competitions, please contact your Campus DI Facilitator or Kathy Wood (Click here to email Kathy Wood). Please note that all DI team managers must be approved through the Leander ISD Volunteer Services. For more information, click here to go to the Leander ISD Volunteer Site.

"Without volunteer Team Managers and Appraisers, there can be no teams!"
Courtesy of Victor Tom, Massachusetts DI, General Information About the Teams

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