LISD PACE (Programs for Advancement, Challenge and Enrichment) Math is designed to meet the needs of elementary students who excel or show potential to excel in mathematics. This program provides opportunities for students to challenge their thinking by delving deeper into concepts, enriching and extending their mathematical understanding, and accelerating designated math skills at the next higher grade.

PACE students may receive their PACE Math instruction from their classroom teacher addressing accelerated skills in small group or they may go to a PACE Math class where the teacher is the designated PACE Math teacher at that grade level. That could mean the student would not have his/her homeroom teacher for math instruction.

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PACE Language Arts

LISD PACE (Programs for Advancement, Challenge, and Enrichment) Language Arts is a program for students in Leander ISD who are advanced learners in the areas of reading and writing. The goal is to provide instruction to continue developing advanced proficiencies. Advanced instruction for PACE students focuses on more challenging materials with complex plots and developed characters, facilitates critical and creative reading, has flexibility in assignments, and nurtures a student’s divergent and diversified interests. PACE Language Arts students are identified for enriched reading and writing lessons that occur during small group or individual instruction within each classroom. During this time the teacher focuses instruction on the areas that will move a student into the advanced range at their level on the DRA2/EDL2 and the Leander ISD writing rubrics.

students balancing eggQUEST-G/T

“QUEST” is an acronym for Quality Utilization and Enrichment of Student Talents. Leander ISD’s QUEST-G/T Services are designed to meet the needs of identified gifted students who have demonstrated above-average ability in the following two areas of giftedness as defined by the Texas State Plan for the Gifted: 1) high general-intellectual ability at the 95th percentile; and, 2) creative and productive thinking.

QUEST-G/T services are developmental in scope, with the curriculum addressing core content areas through projects and units that cross multiple subject areas. QUEST-G/T students have the opportunity to investigate topics of interest to them in greater depth and complexity. Students expand their abilities to apply critical thinking, creative thinking, communication, and research skills through individual and group projects, studies and problem-solving units.

Identified QUEST students in grades K-5 participate weekly in various interdisciplinary, project-based units of study under the direction and facilitation of the campus QUEST-G/T specialists. They also have access to support from the QUEST-G/T teachers through QUEST Lab, as available.

See QUEST-G/T website

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International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program

Leander ISD has two elementary campuses, Grandview Hills Elementary and Mason Elementary, that are an IB World School.

The mission of the IBO:

  • To develop inquiring, knowledgeable, and caring young people.
  • To create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect.
  • To work with schools, governments, and international organizations to develop challenging programs of international education and rigorous assessment.
  • To encourage students worldwide to become active, compassionate, and lifelong learners who understand that other people, with their differences, can also be right.

The following three-minute video about the IB Learner Profile provides an idea of the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program's focus.
Grandview Hills Elementary PYP website
Mason Elementary PYP website

Contact Ashley Swindle, PYP Coordinator for further questions or information.

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Exam for Acceleration

Exam for Acceleration allows Leander ISD students who have mastered the content and skills of a particular grade level or course without direct instruction to advance to the next level so they will be more appropriately challenged. When given at designated times in the district, these exams are available at no cost to eligible students. Campus counselors should be contacted for information on test dates and registration. Students wishing to earn Exam for Acceleration will complete an application form and take a designated criterion-referenced test which covers the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills and major learning for the course for which they wish credit. The district uses tests developed by the University of Texas Extension, Instruction, and Materials Center.

Kindergarten - 5th Exam for Acceleration Process

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Other Enrichment Opportunities

Leander ISD offers a wide range of other enrichment opportunities for its students at all grade levels. These begin with art and performing arts programs at the elementary levels. Leander ISD also provides increased academic challenge through fun, creative, campus-based events such as Spelling and Geography Bees, Science Share, Business Fair and Destination Imagination after-school creative, problem-solving programs

Leander ISD also provides increased academic challenge through fun, creative, campus-based events such as Spelling and Geography Bees, Science Share, Business Fair and Destination Imagination after school creative problem solving programs.

Enrichment Opportunities

Contact Information

Director for Gifted and K-8 Advanced Programs – Kathy Wood, 570-0211
Coordinator for Gifted Programs – Sarah Hyde , 570-0313