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Jan. 16, 2020 – Steiner Ranch/Laura W. Bush/Canyon Ridge/River Ridge Schools

-UPDATE 2:55 p.m.-

The lockout has been LIFTED on our campuses. Students are dismissing normally. 

-UPDATE 2:49 p.m.- Our campuses are still under lockout due to police activity in the area. Travis County Sheriff’s Office advised our elementary schools that we may release bus and car riders. We will hold walkers in the school until the situation is cleared or a parent picks them up. 


-UPDATE 2:40 p.m.-

Our campuses are still under lockout due to police activity in the area. During a lockout, the school day proceeds as usual but without outside activities. 

No students or staff are in danger, but we are delaying dismissal of Steiner Ranch, Laura W. Bush and River Ridge Elementary Schools out of an abundance of caution. Buses are staged and ready to transport students as soon as the lockout is lifted. The Texas Department of Public Safety has extra patrol cars in the area to support school security. --------------------------------------- -Original message- Due to police activity in a neighborhood near our campuses SRES, LWBES, CRMS, an RRES have been placed on lockout as of approximately 1:30 p.m. During a lockout, the school day proceeds as usual but without outside activities.



No students or staff are in danger, but we have initiated a lockout out of an abundance of caution.


Due to the lockout, no one is permitted to enter the building and we cannot allow parents to check out any students during the lockout.  

We will send a direct message to guardians when dismissal is ready.


Safety and Security

Safety and security is our top priority. We believe relationships are critical to successful schools, and ultimately, our families and students are the best partners in keeping our schools safe. Our principals and school administrators investigate every reported tip or threat. We work with law enforcement and take quick and appropriate action, including notifying families, if there is a valid danger on campus. We ask all of our families and students to please share any information regarding school or student safety by either directly contacting a school staff member or by using our anonymous alert system. As we continue to grow, we will continue to explore, to collaborate with other school districts, and to find new ways to improve safety and security.

Anonymous Alerts

Ask a Question
Anonymous Alerts

Submit an Anonymous Alert

Anonymous Alerts which allows students or parents to anonymously submit any sensitive or urgent student issues quickly to school officials.

Students or parents can submit reports such as bullying, cyberbullying, depression, dating violence, drug or alcohol use, threats against the school, weapons on campus and more. All messages submitted remain completely anonymous.

User Guide: How to Send an Anonymous Alert

Campus Visitor Guidelines

Parents and others are welcome to visit Leander ISD schools. For the safety of those within the school setting, all visitors are expected to demonstrate the highest standards of courtesy and conduct. Disruptive behavior will not be tolerated. All visitors must report to the receptionist to sign in and receive a visitor pass to wear while on campus.

Raptor Visitor Tracking System

For the safety and security of our students, LISD has implemented a visitor tracking system in all schools. The purpose of this system is to ensure that adult visitors on campus are identified and do not pose a threat to any students or staff.

Upon entering the campus, visitors will be asked to present one of the following forms of identification in order to move beyond the front desk:

  • Valid Driver’s License (any state)
  • Passport State-Issued Identification
  • Card Work Visa Green Card

Licenses or identification cards will be scanned and returned. Once cleared, visitors will be issued a visitor's badge, which must be worn while on campus. Upon departure, the visitor's badge must be returned to the receptionist.

Emergency Plans

Emergency Plan Summary 

Emergencies and disasters can happen at any moment and they usually occur without warning.

Through emergency planning the district helps to ensure that LISD continues to provide a safe learning environment for every child and every school. When an emergency strikes, our immediate response and prompt recovery will depend on the existing levels of preparedness among faculty, staff and students.

Standard Response Protocol (SRP)

Standard Response Protocol PosterStandard Response Protocol


Get Inside. Lock outside doors.

  • Students
    • Return inside
    • Business as usual
  • Teacher
    • Bring everyone indoors
    • Lock outside doors
    • Increase situational awareness
    • Business as usual
    • Take attendance


Locks, lights, out of sight.

  • Students
    • Move away from sight
    • Maintain silence
    • Do not open the door
  • Teacher
    • Lock interior doors
    • Turn out lights
    • Move away from sight
    • Do not open the door
    • Maintain silence
    • Take attendance


To the announced location.

  • Students
    • Bring your phone
    • Leave your stuff behind
    • Follow Instructions
  • Teacher
    • Lead evacuation to location
    • Take attendance
    • Notify if missing, extra or injured students


Hazard and safety strategy.

  • Students
    • Tornado | Evacuate to shelter area
    • Hazmat | Seal the room
    • Earthquake | Drop, cover and hold
  • Teacher
    • Lead safety strategy
    • Take attendance


In your classroom. Clear the halls.

  • Students
    • Remain in the classroom until the "All Clear" is announced
  • Teacher
    • Close and lock classroom door
    • Business as usual
    • Take attendance

School Resource Officers (SROs)

Through partnerships with local enforcement – Cedar Park Police Department, Leander Police Department and the Travis Country Sheriff’s Office – School Resource Officers are highly trained law enforcement officers who choose to be at our schools. SROs help create a welcoming environment on our campuses while ensuring the safety of our students and staff.

SROs are familiar, trusted faces for our students, building a sense of trust and community between law enforcement and students, parents and staff. And in times of crisis, they are an invaluable resource to our administrators.


Leander ISD Insiders
School Messenger is the notification platform used by Leander ISD to connect with parents and staff through voice, SMS text and email broadcasts in times of crisis and for the distribution of general information.

Suicide Prevention
Hotline: 1-800-723-TALK

Stop Bullying Now!
U.S. Department of Education's anti-bullying website includes resources on preventing, identifying, and responding to bullying. 

Coalition for Children
Information and resources for families and educators on bullying, abuse and abduction prevention

National School Safety Center
Information on school safety and crime prevention

Texas School Safety Center
University-level research center at Texas State University tasked in Chapter 37 of the Texas Education Code and the Governor’s Homeland Security Strategic Plan with key school safety initiatives and mandates.


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