Meet Team Plain Elementary

Meet the Leader at Jim Plain Elementary
 A picture of the cafeteria team at Plain Elementary
Rachel Odom is the manager at Jim Plain Elementary and has been with CNS LISD for 21 amazing years and at Plain Elementary for 11 of those years.

Rachel says the students are the the best part of her job. Recently she ran into a previous student while she was at a local BBQ restaurant. The student told her that he went to school at Plain 10 years ago and has since graduated from high school. Rachel said, "I was thinking there is no way he was there when I was at Plain then realized, yes I have been there for 11 years already!" The time has gone back so quickly!

Rachel enjoys building relationships with the teachers and staff and knows that her work makes a difference by providing healthy nutritious meals to the students at Plain

Rachel loves cooking just about anything but Friday pizza day is her favorite because of the students. "It’s like having a party in the cafeteria every Friday."

Rachel says she looks forward to spending more years working for the school district and feels extremely lucky to work with such great staff at Plain!