CATCH at Leander ISD

Our Elementary and Middle School campuses have joined a program dedicated to the physical health of our students. CATCH, in its long-form, is known as The Coordinated Approach to Child Health (formerly, The Child and Adolescent Trial for Cardiovascular Health). The goals of CATCH include the promotion and maintenance of heart- healthy behaviors in children and adolescents. CATCH has been approved by the Texas State Board of Education.

CATCH coordinates four component areas:

  • School Nutrition - CATCH Eat Smart guides school cafeterias toward promoting a nutrition rich environment. Child-tested recipes and Eat Smart Guidelines offer concrete ways to prepare foods that meet the USDA guidelines.
  • Classroom - Go For Health, a cartoon-and peer-based curriculum, teaches healthy eating, daily physical activity and tobacco avoidance - habits that prevent chronic disease.
  • Physical Education - CATCH PE provides standards based physical education lessons to teach lifelong movement skills which blend both fun and fitness.
  • Family - At home, the health messages children learn in school are reinforced with interactive and enjoyable Home Team activities. The school community is brought together through school hosted events such as CATCH Family Fun Nights.

How do the children benefit?

  • CATCH arms children with practical skills they can use to make healthy choices for life.
  • CATCH fosters healthy children and healthy children are better learners.
  • CATCH strengthens community by increasing collaboration among parents, teachers, administration, and school partners.
  • CATCH guides children in the process of being healthy for a lifetime.


What is Child Nutrition Services doing to promote CATCH?

Menu Requirements

  • Portion sizes in accordance with the Food Guide Pyramid
  • Calories appropriate for age
  • 30% calories from fat
  • 10% calories from saturated fat
  • In line with the Dietary Guidelines for Americans

Healthier Menu Choices

  • No added fat to vegetables
  • Menu items are oven-baked, not deep fat fried
  • Hot rolls are not brushed with butter
  • Many whole grain options available, for example: brown rice, whole wheat bread products, even whole grain corndogs

On the Serving Line

  • Go, Slow and Whoa food identifiers posted daily to advise student of more healthful food choices
  • 1% milk served in white, chocolate & strawberry; skim milk served in white
  • Offer versus serve; students are able to choose items placed on their tray
  • At a minimum, 2 fruit and 3 vegetable choices are offered daily for lunch
  • Fruits are enjoyed as the sweet ending to the meal instead of a traditional high-calorie, high-fat dessert
  • CATCH Eat Smart Menu Key

Need More Information about CATCH?

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