Vendor Information

Student writingVendor Registration

Prospective vendors must complete the Vendor Registration Profile prior to award of any purchase orders, including the Contractor Criminal History and Fingerprinting Certification and Independent Contractor Questionnaire.

Terms and Conditions

Leander ISD has adopted Standard Purchase Terms and Conditions which govern purchases made by Leander ISD. These terms apply as incorporated by reference into solicitations, contracts and purchase orders. These terms also apply to purchases made by credit card in the absence of an associated solicitation, contract or purchase order.

Sole Source Vendors

The Sole Source Affidavit is to be completed by any vendor that claims that their products or services are Sole Source and therefore exempt from competition. Leander ISD defines Sole Source as an item for which:

  1. competition is precluded because of the existence of a patent, copyright, secret process, or monopoly;
  2. there are no like items or products available for purchase that would serve the same purpose or function; and
  3. for which there is only one source from which Leander ISD may make the purchase due to exclusive distributor rights or a direct to customer sales model having no authorized distributors.

Tax Exempt

Leander ISD is tax exempt on the basis that it is a governmental entity - school district.

Prevailing Wage Rates Set by LISD

For construction and facilities maintenance solicitations LISD has, pursuant to Tex. Gov. Code §2258.022, determined the prevailing wage rates to be paid during the performance of Construction Work by all Contractors and Subcontractors.

Conflict of Interest

Leander ISD maintains a public internet list of local government officers and disclosure statements covering conflicts of interest.

Any individual or business entity that contracts or seeks to contract for the sale or purchase of property, goods, or services with Leander ISD must file a Conflict of Interest Questionnaire with the LISD Purchasing Office in accordance with Texas Local Government Code Chapter 176, no later than the 7th business day after the recipient becomes aware of facts that require filing.

Additional information is available on the Conflict of Interest Questionnaire Page.