COOL Week just another way LISD stands out

COOL Week just another way LISD stands out
Posted on 03/06/2019

 Supt. Column


In my 30 years in public education, I have had the pleasure of serving thousands of students in many districts, each different and unique. In Leander ISD, our focus on – and commitment to – professional development for our world-class teachers is one way the district stands out. Another is the use of a guiding document like the Leander Way, which helps create a foundation for educational excellence in our community. But nothing is as inspiring as COOL Week.

One of the crown jewels of the LISD College & Career Pathways program, COOL (Career Opportunities on Location) Week provides graduating seniors the opportunity to spend time on-site in the industry where they have an interest in pursuing a career. College is an expensive place to determine a career pathway. COOL Week allows students to “try on” careers before they enter post-secondary education and training. The major goal is for students to become aware of the aptitudes, education and training required to be successful in their chosen profession.

Last month, more than 700 LISD seniors from all six of our high schools were interning at their new workplace for the week. I had a fantastic time at Dell Technologies, watching our students navigate their mini-internships. Today’s business environments are evolving rapidly and so are the options for our students. From the medical field to law enforcement, digital media to environmental design, the COOL Week options were as diverse as our student interests.

This is our 23rd year offering this program, which continues to be one of our most popular College and Career Pathways initiatives for a reason—it provides our students an opportunity to spend time inside an industry and experience their day-to-day life before they commit to pursuing that career in their post-secondary life.

Like our district, COOL Week is growing and getting better every year. Thank you to our campus College & Career Transition Coordinators and staff who tirelessly orchestrated this event, and thank you to our many industry partners who are dedicating so much of their valuable time to helping our rising generation realize their bright future.