Students jumpstart clubs, grateful for opportunities

Students jumpstart clubs, grateful for opportunities
Posted on 11/07/2018


Leander ISD high schools offer amazing opportunities for students inside and outside the classroom.

In October, we asked students to share details about their involvement in extracurricular and after-school activities. We received positive feedback from 81 percent of respondents, complimenting our state and national award-winning programs.

As superintendent, I love to celebrate our high-achieving students and teams. We are fortunate to recognize dozens of such achievements each year in Leander ISD. However, when the students share their voice, the focus is not on the accolade or award. Students focus on the social aspect and the learning opportunities that are a major component of each program.

“I believe band is important as a team and activity in LISD,” one student wrote. “I think it is important because band is like a big family. We are all super close and strong. The band community has taught me so much including life lessons like respect, discipline, and patience. The standards are high and the morals are set in order to make the students better players, harder workers, and more importantly, better people.”

While bands, choirs, and athletic teams may grab the most attention, students submitted feedback on clubs created, led and driven by different student interests. Students shared about the positive experiences building social and leadership skills through clubs such as eSports, anime and others that also have community service activities.

“As a freshman, Anime Club has really helped me integrate myself and feel comfortable in the high school environment,” one student wrote. “Making friends is quite hard for me as I'm very scared of people, but having Anime Club as an available resource has made me feel a lot more comfortable, I feel like I have a group if I need one.”

With Thanksgiving on the horizon, we will ask students to share stories of gratitude and thankfulness through our Student Voice prompt. For more information about Student Voice, please visit