Ensuring Great Teachers and Support Staff for LISD Students

Ensuring Great Teachers and Support Staff for LISD Students
Posted on 09/12/2018


Most of us can remember a teacher who impacted us in ways that extended beyond a classroom lesson.

Instead, a teacher made a meaningful connection on a personal level, perhaps igniting a love of learning or an interest area, but also validating who we as maturing human beings.

Our great Leander ISD classroom teachers are the lifeblood of our campuses and their impact on our children is immeasurable. Likewise, our support staff assists teachers to ensure the best learning environment exists for all children.  

We are working to make sure we recruit only the highest caliber teachers and employees because we know the impact our staff has on quality learning. The LISD Board of Trustees made a strategic decision to hire two recruiting positions that will attend job fairs, interview teacher candidates and recruit from traditional teacher training programs at universities. We will also seek beginning teachers that have diverse life experiences and may come from non-traditional teacher preparation programs. Our recruiters will search high and low to hire high-quality teachers who come from other districts but know the quality of the education system in Leander ISD.     

We want to make sure that our classroom staff represents the best of what is coming from our universities or coming into the central Texas area. Our schools are growing, adding 1,000 new students every year. With our growth, we are working towards hiring teachers and support staff who mirror our community. We will continue to hire the best to engage and inspire our children, no matter where they are, so that those meaningful connections happen for all our students.