Traffic Congestion at Vandegrift and Four Points

Traffic Congestion at Vandegrift and Four Points
Posted on 08/21/2018

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Leander ISD is aware of the traffic congestion around the Vandegrift High School and Four Points Middle School campus. We want to share this information about ongoing, proactive steps we are taking to support these communities.

Vandegrift school administrators will control traffic to prioritize bus exits while continuing to allow car traffic to flow.

Leander ISD administration is meeting with law enforcement and Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) officials and recommending adjustments to traffic light schedules.

The legal capacity on LISD school buses ranges from 72 to 77 passengers. The district assigns school bus routes for middle and high school students with a capacity of 55 students per bus.  High student only school bus routes are assigned with a capacity of 52 students per bus. While state law requires every student to be in a seat, students can choose to sit three to a seat if they do not extend into the aisles. If you or your student is witnessing students seated in the aisles, please contact the Transportation office at 512-570-0700 with the bus route number.

Other potential remedies LISD started before the 2018-2019 school year include:

  • exploring the cost to retrofit the LISD bus fleet with air conditioning and presenting a cost analysis for an equitable implementation strategy to the Board of Trustees;
  • speeding up the South Transportation Center construction project, making regional bus routes more efficient; and
  • partnering with our Districtwide Educational Improvement Committee (DWEIC) to consider bell schedule adjustments for high school and middle schools, factoring for potential impact on school and non-school activities, as well as bus schedules.

LISD has explored working with private businesses in the area to obtain a secondary access to McNeil Road. Private businesses have not been willing to grant us access to their property for traffic due to liability concerns.

Second Access Road Update

Please know the most critical component to relieving congestion for this area is a second access road, a project LISD has been pursuing since 2012.

We are working through the permitting process with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS), as the location for the second road is through the Balcones Preserve.

LISD will continue to meet with USFWS this fall. Construction will also require permitting with the city of Austin and Travis County. The district will use 2017 bond referendum funding for the initial design phase of this project.