School Name Nominations

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School Name Nominations

The naming of all new Leander Independent School District schools and facilities is governed by LISD Board Policy CW (Local)

New schools and facilities will be named by a vote of the Board of Trustees, which will consider namesake nominations from community members and district employees. After the vote, the names will be publicly announced.

Leander ISD requests that the online form be filled out in its entirety and will consider fully submitted applications. Please note that it cannot be saved and submitted at a later date. 

The current school name nomination form will close Nov. 14, 2018. Discussion of school names by the Board of Trustees is scheduled for Nov. 29, 2018, followed by possible action by the Board of Trustees at the Dec. 13, 2018 board meeting. [More information about School Naming for Elementary School 27 and Middle School 9]

Schools available to be named

  • Elementary School #27 in the Larkspur subdivision in Leander
  • Middle School #9 in Leander across from Glenn High School

*Please know by submitting a nomination, your submission information is subject to the Public Information Act. 

Naming criteria

New buildings shall be named for one of the following:

  • Historical or geographical sites or communities;
  • Deceased, significant individuals;
  • Local, state or national historical events and places;
  • Significant state or national figures; or
  • A person who has made a significant contribution to education in the District.

If the nominated name is an individual, each name nominated shall fulfill the following criteria:

  • The nominee shall be widely respected, regardless of any partisan affiliation.
  • The nominee shall be a person of character who embodies a wholesome image that would be expected to stand the test of time.
  • The nominee shall have a background of service to people of the District, Texas, and/or the United States.

School Naming Nomination

Information about the person submitting this nomination

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Name nomination for which school?

 Elementary School #27

 Middle School #9

Proposed name

Information about the nominee

If your Proposed Name is a location or event (i.e. not a person), please skip this "Information about the nominee" section and click submit at the bottom of the form.

Name of nominee

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Please provide contact information for the nominee (or for a family member, friend or colleague if the nominee is deceased):

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Did the nominee work in the education field?



If yes, please provide type of education service and length of service.

Please explain the impact or influence this person has had on education.

Please explain the type of responsibilities this person had within the education field.

Please describe this person’s reputation within the education community.

Please give examples of innovative measures this person may have developed.

Please describe the length and nature of this person’s community service in LISD.

Please provide an outstanding character trait that describes this person and elaborate on how this person exemplifies this trait.

Please summarize this person’s background and their contributions to education and/or the community.

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