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Leander ISD’s “Parenting the Love and Logic Way”
LISD offers the Parenting the Love and Logic Way® course throughout the school year. This six-week program is designed to help parents nurture responsible, respectful, fun-to-be around children who will learn how to make their own choices, own their problems, think critically and logically for themselves, while parents let empathy and consequences do the teaching.


Partners in Parenting – The Center for Parenting Education
You may wonder how you can develop an effective partnership with the people who are involved with you in raising and caring for your children. These can include: your co-parent, grandparents, caretakers teachers, coaches, other involved adults.  Not only is this support important for the healthy development of your children, but it also makes the job of parenting less frustrating and more rewarding.

Communication Tips for Parents /
Be available for your kids, let your kids know you are listening, and respond in a way your children will hear… 

Talking to Kids When They Need Help – American Psychological Association
As parents and teachers, you are the first line of support for kids and teens. It’s important for you to have an open line of communication with them and build a sense of trust. When your kids and teens are having difficulties, you want them to feel comfortable turning to you for help.

Making Stepfamilies Work – American Psychological Association
The so-called “blended family” is no longer an aberration in American society: It’s a norm.

Child Safety

Trauma in the Lives of Children: Recognizing and Responding to It – The Center for Parenting Education
Typically, when hearing or reading the word “trauma,” our thoughts travel to Sept. 11, the bombing at the Boston marathon, an explosion in a war zone, or a weather-related natural disaster.

Yet trauma happens in the ordinary course of life each day – in our homes, schools, communities, and neighborhoods. It may include: child abuse or neglect, bullying, death of a loved one, divorce, accident or illness, family fighting, medical procedure, community violence.

Nutrition & Diet

Healthy Lifestyle, Healthy Affair – It’s A Family Affair – The Center for Parenting Education
The statistics are grim – Our children will be the first generation with a shorter life span than their parents. Most of this is due to children not eating healthy, not exercising enough, and many being overweight.

One recent study estimated only 1% of children in the U.S. met all recommendations of the USDA food pyramid for children. As parents we may want to change things. But we are fighting a culture that practically forces unhealthy food in our children’s mouths.

How do we as parents fight society’s pressure and help our children eat healthy or establish healthy eating habits, maintain a healthy weight and get sufficient exercise?

Activity Ideas

Discover Cedar Park! – Cedar Park Fun
Discover all that there is to do, see and experience in Cedar Park, Texas. From riding the rails to becoming part of the fandemonium at the H-E-B Center, this Hill Country find has made playtime way more than a pastime. Whether you are looking for a family-friendly getaway, a guy’s weekend or a girl’s trip Cedar Park is the perfect destination to play the days away.

Special Events in Leander – City of Leander
The Leander Parks & Recreation Department offers a number of special events throughout the year. We have something for everyone and are constantly working on new programs and events. To find out what is going on in the near future please visit our Calendar. Everyone is welcome to participate in our programs and events.

Programs in Austin – Austin Parks & Rec
Visit this website for a list of programs and events in Austin, Texas.