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BCBS Special Beginnings Program
You’re having a baby!  Each pregnancy can be different, bringing new experiences and questions.  The Special Beginnings maternity program is available to your from early pregnancy until six weeks after delivery, at no extra cost.

LISD Baby Shower
LISD offers a “baby shower” twice a year to inform employees who are expecting or planning a family on health benefits, leave policies and other great community resources to help you manage this exciting part of your life – spouses welcome!

Having a Healthy Pregnancy – Pregnancy, Birth & Baby
What you put in your body before falling pregnant, during your pregnancy and after the birth can affect your baby…

What Can I do to Promote a Healthy Pregnancy? – National Institute of Child Health and Human Development
Once you’re pregnant, early and regular prenatal care is important to keep yourself and your developing infant healthy…

The 10 Essential Steps to a Healthy Pregnancy – fitPregnancy
Overwhelmed by all the information out there for expecting moms?  Here are the only 10 things you need to know …