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Leander ISD New to Profession Learning Community (Staff Login Required)
“Engage, Inspire, Achieve” for lifelong success!
The above charge is our Leander ISD vision, the target for which you were drawn to this profession to reach. This is not lofty rhetoric but a truly attainable outcome for every student at every school in our district. You are the present and the future of what is possible in education, so thank you for each and every step you have taken and will continue to take along this noble path.

Continuing Education

Leander ISD Professional Development (Staff Login Required)
You will find a variety of resources to meet your needs as an adult learner, as well as information to answer a variety of staff development related questions. As always, feel free to contact our department if you don’t find what you are looking for or would like additional guidance. 

No-Cost IT Classes at LISD
Interested in building your Excel capability or learning about editing images for your LISD website? Look no further! 

Leander ISD Aspiring Leader Program – Concordia University
Through a unique partnership between Concordia University Texas and Leander Independent School District, high potential LISD teachers have the opportunity to earn their Master of Education degree with a specialization in Education Administration. Unlike other programs, the LISD Aspiring Leader curriculum offers district-specific coursework, preparing students to advance in their careers with a distinctly LISD-oriented approach.

New to Profession

New-to-Profession Learning Community (Staff Login Required)
This site exists to provide you with information regarding the Leander ISD New-to-Profession Learning Community. If you are a first-year teacher, second-year teacher, mentor, instructional coach, or other interested party and would like more information, please visit the NTPLC site for contact information.

Leander ISD Mentor Program (Staff Login Required)
Mentors offer support by…

  • Attending fully and respectfully when the new teacher needs to share concerns, frustrations, and experiences.
  • Responding empathetically by acknowledging feelings and perhaps sharing their own concerns, frustrations, and experiences.
  • Creating a safe space by attending to the verbal and non-verbal communications that establish rapport.
  • Offering resources by providing time, energy, and materials to ease the difficult challenges beginners often face.
  • Maintaining a confidential relationship with the new teacher.

Career Development

What Smart Really Is – Psychology Today
In today’s society, being smart is usually associated with measures such as IQ (Intelligence quotient), EQ (emotional intelligence quotient) or some similar way of calculating how smart you are. However, the world is becoming increasingly aware of the absurdity of IQ scores and how do they do not correlate with intelligence or job performance. And a high EQ too, though sometimes helpful, has been shown to have negative effects on health, academic and job outcomes. Given these paradoxical findings, how should we be thinking of our own smartness, as well as the smartness of people we teach, partner with, marry, hire, or lead?

Learn How to Make a Better LinkedIn Profile – The Balance
One of the most important parts of LinkedIn is your profile. That’s what you use to connect with people in your network and your profile is how you get found on LinkedIn because it contains information about your skills and experience.