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How Much Money Should I Spend Each Month?
All of your money isn’t fair game for fun stuff — you have to take care of bills and debt first.

Saving Money

How to Save Money: 17 Tips
You’re human. Of course you want to save more money, but trimming your spending feels like a sacrifice. Thankfully, there are relatively easy ways to save money — whether you want to trim a few or a few hundred dollars from your budget.

How to Set Financial Goals
It’s natural to feel lost or overwhelmed as you begin to think about setting and balancing financial goals. Start by answering this question: How do you define success?

Reducing Debt

Be Done with Debt! 5 Ways to Do It
Do you keep up with all your debt payments but feel you can never get ahead or completely erase any of those outstanding balances? Here are five smart steps that can help you gain greater control of your debt situation.

4 Best Practices in Loan Consolidation
Loan consolidation may sound like a great way to gain greater control of your debt, but it’s not always the right option in all situations.