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Psychotherapy: More Than a Quick Fix – American Psychological Assn.
Getting help for depression, anxiety or any other psychological concern is a big step toward feeling better. Drug therapy has become an increasing popular choice over the past decade, but research shows that psychotherapy is just as helpful — if not more so, in some cases…

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5 Ways to Cope with Emotional Stress – Alliance Work Partners (AWP) 
Emotional stress can be particularly painful and be challenging to deal with, can take more of a toll that many other forms of stress.

10 Tips to Help You Take Control of Your Emotions – Psychology Today
Emotional Intelligence is a social skill that can help you become more aware and tactful in understanding handling your own emotions as well as the emotions of others…

Mental Health Awareness Information – Alliance Work Partners (AWP)
Information on common misconceptions, factors influencing mental health conditions, mental health symptoms, and more!


9 Surprising Depression Symptoms – Prevention
Watch out for these sneaky signs and learn how to get the help you need…

How Do You Know When Your Depression is Improving? – Psychology Today
Like the change in seasons, it’s hard to know definitively when depression has lifted. Here are eight signs to look for…


What is Addiction? – American Psychiatric Association
Addiction is a complex condition, a brain disease that is manifested by compulsive substance use despite harmful consequence.

Drug Abuse and Addiction – National Institute on Drug Abuse
Addiction is considered a brain disease because drugs change the brain—they change its structure and how it works.

Eating Disorders

The 6 Triggers of Craving – Psychology Today
What is craving? A craving is distinguished from hunger in being an intense, directed toward the use of a specific drug…

New Insights Behind Cause of Eating Disorders – American Psychological Assn.
Public misunderstanding of mental health disorders is nothing new. But for eating disorders in particular, misinformation abounds…

Eating Disorders – HelpGuide
While the symptoms of eating disorders revolve around eating, they are more about coping with feelings than they are about food…

Anger Management

Is Your Self-Expression Damaging Your Relationships? – Psychology Today
We’ve often been told that it’s important to speak our truth—voicing our honest feelings, thoughts, and perceptions…

Anger Management – HelpGuide
Anger is a normal, healthy emotion. But it’s unhealthy when it flares up all the time or spirals out of control.

Controlling Anger Before it Controls You – American Psychological Assn.
We all know what anger is, and we’ve all felt it: whether as a fleeting annoyance or as full-fledged rage.