Program Overview

The Leander ISD dyslexia program is designed to provide a short-term, intensive reading intervention for children who qualify for services, based upon district and state qualification criteria. Services are offered to qualifying students in grades K-12. Students are instructed using systematic, sequential, multi-sensory instruction in a small group setting. The goal of these services is to provide students with the tools needed to access the general education curriculum.


When a student exhibits poor reading performance or does not respond to scientifically based reading instruction, the student should receive accelerated, intensive instruction.If the student does not make adequate reading progress and exhibits characteristics of dyslexia after being provided with intensive interventions, the campus Response to Intervention (RtI) team can make a recommendation for a formal dyslexia assessment.The recommendation should be based on procedures as outlined inThe Dyslexia HandbookRevised 2014, published by the Texas Education Agency.

Dyslexia Services in LISD

  • The general education dyslexia program provides intensive intervention to students who exhibit characteristics of dyslexia, based upon district and state qualification criteria.
  • In Leander ISD's Response to Intervention (RtI) model, dyslexia is considered a "Tier 4" intervention.
  • Dyslexia services are provided at the elementary and secondary levels. Typically, elementary students receive services four days per week, for approximately 45 minutes per day, and secondary students receive services two days per week, for approximately 45 minutes per day.
  • The district dyslexia curriculum is standardized to ensure fidelity across campuses. Elementary campuses useBasic Language Skills, withEsperanzaused for our bilingual students. Secondary campuses useMultisensory Reading and Spelling, or in some instances,Basic Language Skills.Based on student's needs, our dyslexia teachers might supplement instruction with components from other research-based programs.
  • Ongoing progress monitoring is administered to ensure the program is successfully addressing each student's individual challenges.

Discountinuation of Dyslexia Services

The discontinuation of direct dyslexia services is determined by the campus §504 committee.The §504 committee considers the following factors to determine when a child exits from direct, dyslexia intervention:

  • completion of dyslexia curriculum;
  • student demonstrating proficiency on grade level material;
  • meeting standard on state assessments;
  • recommendation by the dyslexia therapist; and/or
  • lack of appropriate progress within the dyslexia curriculum.
If a student is served by special education, IDEA 2004 procedures must be followed.