Superintendent Message on Student Expression

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Superintendent Message on Student Expression
Posted on 04/21/2018
Superintendent Message on Student Expression

I believe this is the greatest generation of students in my 30 years as an educator. I had the honor today of attending one of the best traditions of any high school in the state of Texas, the Valor Day Celebration at Vandegrift High School. Each year, our Viper students and community come together to honor the school’s namesake, Marine Corps Lt. Matthew Vandegrift, a Leander High School graduate, who died in combat April 21, 2008.

Also, our Navy JROTC students at Vista Ridge High School admirably represented their families, teachers, Leander ISD and our nation’s youth through their annual inspection, conducting drills and showcasing their skills.

Finally, I would like to take a moment to commend our students, principals, teachers and student support staff who fostered a safe learning environment that allowed for students to express themselves respectfully with limited school day interruption. We had students registering their peers to vote at Leander High School and countless additional examples of our young men and women discussing important issues.

As we move forward through the closing of our school year, I implore everyone in our community to step back from the divisiveness that can sometimes define a community in argumentative moments and reflect on this: we live in a fantastic place for students and families. I am grateful to be your superintendent, and I look forward to an incredible final stretch of our school year.

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