LISD Seeking volunteers for 2017 Bond Advisory Subcommittees

LISD Seeking volunteers for 2017 Bond Advisory Subcommittees
Posted on 02/09/2017
Bond Advisory

The Leander Independent School District is asking for the community’s help in assessing the current and future need for new and improved school buildings and other school facilities. The district is seeking volunteers to serve on bond advisory subcommittees that will help develop critically important recommendations for meeting the growing demand for school facilities in LISD.

The fastest growing school district in the Austin area, LISD should expect to add 6,000 students over the next five years, say expert demographers who have studied the area’s growth patterns. To accommodate the growth, LISD would need four new schools: three elementary schools and one middle school.

Last month, the LISD Board of Trustees formed the 2017 Bond Advisory Steering Committee to study the district’s present and future facility needs. Now, district leaders are asking community members to join in the work by participating in bond advisory subcommittees that will consider all school-level needs. Like past bond committees, these parent and community member subcommittees also will consider technology and other facility needs.

Each subcommittee will be responsible for identifying a range of facility needs and will bring their recommendations to the Bond Advisory Steering Committee for consideration for a potential bond construction package. The Bond Advisory Steering Committee will then be responsible for recommending to the Board of Trustees a three- to five-year facility plan to meet the needs of the fast-growing school district. The recommendations will include the number of school buildings needed and the timetable for construction of those schools, along with recommendations for athletics, science, arts and other school facilities and technology.

Parents and other community members interested in volunteering to serve on one of the subcommittees (listed below) should click here to sign up. The intent of this application process is to ensure LISD is represented by a cross-sectional group of citizens. Each applicant will enter responses in the fields provided (name, email, and phone will be concealed from administration throughout the process until selections have been made). While one’s address could be searched to determine the applicant’s identity, the district is only using it to ensure the nearly 200 square miles of the district is fairly represented.

After the applications are reviewed, all applicants will be notified of their placement on a subcommittee. Applications submitted are subject to the Public Information Act. Membership will be limited to:

  • Elementary School Subcommittee – 25 members
  • Middle School Subcommittee – 25 members
  • High School Subcommittee – 50 members
  • Ancillary Services Subcommittee – 15 members
  • Technology Subcommittee – 15 members

*Deadline for signing up is Feb. 17, 2017.

The first meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, Feb. 22, 2017.

Please visit the Leander ISD website, or the Bond Advisory Committee website, for more information. For questions, please contact Jimmy Disler at 512-570-0400 or Malinda Golden at 512-570-0237.