Bret A. Champion, Ed.D.
Dr. Bret A. Champion became Leander ISD’s Superintendent of Schools on February 1, 2008. He is a former Leander ISD teacher, assistant principal and principal, and most recently served as Assistant Superintendent of Administrative Services. Dr. Champion is in his 21st year with Leander ISD.

Champion was a member of the second corps of the "Teach For America" program – which recruits and trains teachers to serve in low-income communities. Dr. Champion’s first teaching positions were in inner-city schools in Houston, Texas and Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He received his Doctorate in Education (Ed.D.) from the University of Texas, his Masters in Education (M.Ed.) from Texas State University, and his BA in English Literature from the University of Houston.

Dr. Champion’s wife, Marcee, is an adjunct professor at Austin Community College. Their sons are Alan, who is a college student and Nicholas, who attends school in Leander ISD.
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Current Superintendent Column
Week of: February 23, 2015

Construction of Two New Schools Is Going Strong

In anticipation of its opening next fall, construction on Leander ISD’s 25th elementary, Christine Camacho Elementary, is progressing well. Just driving by, one can see that the walls are going up and that construction crews are hard at work. Camacho Elementary is located near the Administration office building, and I drive past it every day. Watching this school rise before my eyes, it’s easy to envision the hundreds of children who will walk through the doors of Camacho Elementary for many years to come.

It takes roughly one year to build an elementary campus, while a high school typically takes about two. And so with an anticipated opening date of August 2016, construction on Tom Glenn High School is moving along at a fast pace, too. It’s quite a sight: the roof of the gym is being completed, and walls in a classroom wing are coming up. Soon it will start to look like a school on the outside. The inside is a different story. Furniture and the like will come much later.

Like Camacho Elementary and our newest elementary campuses, Glenn High School is being built according to our new school design. With our neighborhood concept, classrooms will be clustered together around a shared common space. Our new school design looks pretty different because we (LISD staff, architects, parents, community members and other key stakeholders) purposefully designed our new schools to reflect our focus on student learning and to bring the LISD Learning Model to life. This school model has been successful at our new elementary campuses and we are excited to phase it into our secondary campuses.

Research tells us that today’s effective classrooms are far different from the classrooms where we learned. Quality instruction is no longer necessarily “sit and get” – where a teacher lectures and the students are expected to pick up all they need to know. And so, accordingly, our new school design puts the ownership on the student by inviting more engaging opportunities and allowing the Seven Student Learning Behaviors to flourish.

For example, the new school design for Glenn High School will include more flexible space. This flexible space will facilitate individual, team, small group and large group learning. Flexible space will allow teachers to more easily integrate technology, collaborate between subjects and grade levels, and incorporate hands-on learning into classroom instruction. When used effectively, the flexible space will provide limitless possibilities for students to learn and grow.

Glenn High School will be different in other ways, too, because we intentionally set out to maximize classroom space. The campus will have fewer classrooms, and so each teacher will not have his or her own room. Instead, much like a college or university setting, teachers will transition from room-to-room throughout the day, increasing the amount of time each room is used for student learning. This difference is both more cost-effective and efficient.

Camacho Elementary and Glenn High School are funded through our 2007 bond package, thanks to the generous support of our community. We believe that every dollar we are entrusted with matters. As with our campuses, the Board of Trustees and district leadership continually strive to be good stewards and stretch valuable funds whenever we can. This commitment is embedded in the way we build our buildings and in our day-to-day operations, as evidenced by the $35,000 rebate LISD was recently awarded by Pedernales Electric Cooperative. We received the maximum amount available for a project for the installation of high-efficiency lighting and HVAC equipment at the new science wing at Leander High School and for the remodeling of some of our existing buildings. We’ve received similar rebates from Austin Energy for energy efficiency.

Thank you for your continued support for our students and our schools. I encourage you to drive by Christine Camacho Elementary and Tom Glenn High School and see all of the progress yourself.

Have a great week!