Supplemental Reading Program

What is the Supplemental Reading Program (SRP)?
Focus on Student Learning Circle
  • The Supplemental Reading Program (SRP) focuses on students most in need of intensive reading intervention based on district qualifying criteria.
  • SRP teachers serve Kindergarten-3rd grade students on all campuses.
  • SRP is a "tier 3 intervention" based on Leander ISD's Response to Intervention (RtI) model.
  • The elements of the Leander I.S.D. Supplemental Reading Program must include:
    • Daily supplemental small group instruction (pull-out or push-in) taught by the SRP teacher with intervention tied to assessment and progress monitoring in addition to Core Reading Instruction that is provided by the classroom teacher.
    • Progress Monitoring every 2 weeks
    • Collaboration between general classroom teachers and SRP teacher to communicate student progress and share strategies that benefit student progress.
    • SRP will meet with students 30 minutes daily.
Contact Information
District Contact:
Amie Chase
Elementary Intervention Coordinator
(512) 570-0250

Campus Contact:
Every elementary campus has at least one SRP teacher. For answers to campus specific questions, please contact your child's campus and ask to speak with the SRP teacher.