A mom painting with her daughter on a Personal Visit.
Personal Visits
Personal visits are a time once a month when a Parent Educator meets with the family in their home or at the center. During this time, both the parent and Parent Educator share their knowledge around the child’s development. Throughout each visit, the parent learns how their interactions foster their child’s growth and learning and how what their child is doing connects to his or her development. In addition, annual developmental and health screenings are conducted and families are connected to community resources.

Three girls playing in the playroom during Stay and Play at the center.
Stay and Play
Stay and Play is an "open-ended" playgroup with the purpose of giving you a chance to play with your child in an environment with other children.

Infants laying on their backs together on a comfy rug during Loving Littles class.
Loving Littles
A class for infants and their caregivers to come connect as you walk through pregnancy and the early baby months. Discussions will include safe sleeping practices, infant massage, postpartum depression, self-care, breastfeeding, and more.

Moms and their children showing their certificates on their graduation from Baby Sing and Sign class.
Baby Sing and Sign
Come learn how to enhance communication with your little one!  This class is designed for children just starting to learn to talk. We will learn signs, sing songs, and engage in activities that will encourage children to use their first words, such as daddy, mommy, eat, and more.

Toddlers enjoying shaving cream sensory play with their parents during class.
Toddler Class
This is a class for walkers and explorers until age 2! Come join us for an hour of playing and interacting with toddlers! We will learn signs for language development, play, and have fun together.

Children with their parents loving the parachute in the Twos class.
Twos Class
Come and play with your two-year-old in a classroom designed just for him or her! Little ones will practice independence, pretend play, turn taking, book reading, outdoor play, and sensory play.


A Dad working with his son during Preschool Academy class.
Preschool Academy
Preschool Academy is a one day per week class for 3, 4, or 5 year olds. Come with your child to learn ways to play with your child to help him/her learn early academics. This class is an opportunity for children not in a school setting to experience a classroom and they get to experience it alongside you.


Preparing to go on a wildflower stomp with the Family Wellness class.
Family Wellness
Family Wellness class is designed to nurture a love of physical activity, provide an introduction to classroom-based gardening and nutrition, and encourage healthy eating in children…and their families! Children of all ages and their caregivers are motivated to walk, run, jump, dance and move their whole bodies while playing, having fun, and eating healthy.


Families preparing for potato sack races at our Fall Family Event.
Family Events
Family events are evening events designed for the whole family to attend. Events in the past have included a Fall Family Fest, Winter Party, Roll and Read, and Graduation.