What is it? Cool
COOL Week is a structured, work-based experience for 12th-grade students in Leander ISD.

When is it?
COOL Week is Feb. 18-22, 2019.

What's so great about COOL Week?
One of the crown jewels of the LISD College & Career Pathways program, COOL Week provides graduating seniors the opportunity to spend time on-site in the industry where they have an interest in pursuing a career. College is an expensive place to find out what you want to be when you grow up. COOL Week allows students to “try on” careers before they enter post-secondary education and training. The major goal is for students to become aware of the aptitudes, education and training required to be successful in their chosen profession.

  • Students can participate the entire week or just a few days.
  • Businesses have flexibility to decide what works best within their framework.

Businesses interested in hosting COOL Week students can contact LISD COOL Week coordinator, Pat Lopez.

Student Application is available via Naviance, please see your campus Transition Coordinator.
Student Timeline
Student Information Sheet
Information for Business Partners
  1. Interested in hosting COOL week students?
  2. Jobsite Information
  3. COOL Week Evaluation for Business Partners (after COOL week ends)
General Information
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