Vocabulary Activities

How can I help my child learn vocabulary words indirectly?
You can encourage indirect learning of vocabulary in two main ways. First, read aloud to your child; no matter what age. Students of all ages can learn words from hearing texts of various kinds read to them. Reading aloud words best when you discuss the selection before, during, and after you read. Talk with your child about new vocabulary and concepts and help them relate the words to their prior knowledge and experiences.

The second way to promote indirect learning of vocabulary is to encourage students to read extensively on their own.

Another way you can help your child develop vocabulary is to foster word consciousness--an awareness of and interest in words, their meanings, and their power. Word-conscious students know many words and use them well. They enjoy words and are eager to learn new words--and they know how to learn them.

You can help your child develop word consciousness in several ways. Call attention to the way authors choose words to convey particular meanings. Encourage your child to play with words by engaging in word play, such as puns or palindromes. Help them research a word's origin or history. You can also encourage them to search for examples of a word's usage in their everyday lives.