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1st Lt. Matthew

Opened in the fall of 2009, Leander ISD's fifth high school — Vandegrift High School — is named after 1st Lt. Matthew Ryan Vandegrift, a Leander High School honors graduate (Class of 1999) who was killed in the line of duty in Iraq in April 2008.

1st Lt. Vandegrift grew up in the Steiner Ranch subpision and later graduated with honors from Texas A&M University. He participated in extracurricular activities and demonstrated the highest character, plus a devotion to service demonstrated by his enlistment into the U.S. Marine Corps.

Each year, the school holds Valor Day to remember the legacy of 1st Lt. Vandegrift and embrace the school's traditions, rich with symbolism — for example, the school's crest is modeled after 1st Lt. Vandegrift's unit patch.

For more on VHS traditions and how they connect to the life of 1st Lt. Vandegrift, click here.




5 Questions with Principal Charlie Little

Q: What's something about yourself that would surprise your students/staff?

A: I was in a band in college … and I used to have a lot of hair!

Q: What do you like to do for fun?

A: I like to spend time writing, and cooking low and slow on my BBQ and sharing the meal with my family. It's the only time I can be sure that all of my kids will come home.

Q: What was your favorite subject in school?

A: English & Creative Writing

Q: What is your campus' biggest strength?

A: I think the complete support of our community for our staff and students sets us apart from other schools.

Q: Why are you here?

A: I'm here for the staff and students. It has been an honor to get to open Vandegrift High School. We have assembled a remarkable staff that share a passion for teaching. As a campus family, we have gone through almost every life experience imaginable. These experiences have brought us closer together and help create an amazing campus culture.

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