2016 Accountability Ratings

Texas Education Agency (TEA) Accountability Ratings

Overview of 2016 Results

Each district and campus within Texas was awarded with one of two eligible ratings for the 2016 State Accountability. A rating of "Met Standard" or "Improvement Required" was awarded to each district and campus by determining if the points within each Index Target met or exceeded the minimum standard target as set by the state.

The district rating for Leander ISD is Met Standard and the rating for each campus within Leander ISD is Met Standard. The minimum target point and the district and campus results for each Index Target is linked below in the 2016 State Accountability Index Target Scores.

2016 State Accountability Index Target Scores

2016 Distinction Designations

Video from TEA - State Accountability Overview (En Español)
HB 5 - Community and Student Engagement

Full Accountability Report
2016 Official District Rating Met Standard

All Leander ISD campuses received a Met Standard rating for State Accountability 2016. Individual campus information regarding state accountability may be located at the following site: https://rptsvr1.tea.texas.gov/perfreport/account/2016/srch.html?srch=C.

A-F State Accountability Ratings to Be Released Jan. 2017

State accountability ratings for 2015-2016 were released in August 2016 for each district and campus within Texas. This information may be viewed at: http://www.leanderisd.org/cms/One.aspx?portalId=79318&pageId=269884

The official 2016 state accountability rating for each campus and our district is Met Standard.

However, House Bill (HB) 2804, passed by the 84th Texas Legislature in 2015, created an upcoming change to state accountability effective August 2018. The accountability system redesign replaces the four indices used to rate public schools with five weighted domains that will be used to evaluate districts and campuses.

Although the new five weighted domains are very similar in title to the old four indices, the indicators and methodologies used for calculation are not equal; therefore a side by side comparison of the indices and the domains is not applicable.

HB 2804 creates A-F rating labels to describe district and campus performance. Districts and campuses will receive a rating of A, B, C, D, or F for performance in each of the five domains and one for overall performance. A rating of A, B, or C is deemed acceptable by the state, while a D or F rating is considered unacceptable.

Timeline for Accountability Redesign per the Texas Education Agency (TEA):

January 2017

On Jan. 6, 2017, TEA will publicly release a model of the A-F ratings for each school and district in Texas. The report will be based on the grade each campus and district would have received for Domains I-IV for 2015-16 had the A-F rating system been in place. This "What If" A-F rating does not impact the official 2016 district or campus accountability rating and becomes effective in the 2017-2018 school year. This new system will evolve through the official release in 2018. As this system evolves over the next year, our district and campus focus will remain on the growth of each student.

Beginning with the 2018 state accountability system:

  • Each district and campus will be assigned an overall performance rating based on an A-F scale in addition to each domain rating.
  • This new system requires the letter rating to be assigned by August 15 of each year thereafter.
  • The new system considers a letter rating of A, B, or C is considered acceptable, and a rating of D or F is considered unacceptable.
  • Prevents districts from receiving an overall or domain rating of A if any campus in the district has received a corresponding domain or overall letter grade of D or F.

Information regarding the A-F state accountability system and/or HB 2804 may be found at the following link: http://tea.texas.gov/Student_Testing_and_Accountability/Accountability/A-F_Accountability_Resources/

Questions may be directed to the Leander ISD State Assessment Office: Brenda.cruz@leanderisd.org

Contact Information
Brenda Cruz
Director of Assessment and Accountability

Deb Jacobson
Coordinator of State Assessment