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Bond Advisory Committee

BOND Advisory Committee

According to the most recent demographer's update, over the past five years, Leander ISD has grown by just over 5,000 students, which is, by far, the largest gain in students in the Austin Metro Area. Over the next five years, it is projected that Leander ISD will grow by just over 6,000 students. To accommodate this growth, LISD will need four new schools; three elementary schools and one middle school.

In January 2017, the Bond Advisory Steering Committee was formed by the Board of Trustees and its charter will be to develop a three to five-year facility plan to meet the needs of this fast-growth school district. Facility considerations will include advising the Board on the number of buildings needed, by when, and recommended ancillary space (such as athletic, science, arts, and other support spaces) including technology infrastructure.

Leander ISD recognizes the importance of community involvement and is, once again, asking for its input by participating in bond advisory subcommittees. These parent/community member subcommittees will consider all campus level needs. Each Bond Advisory Subcommittee Charter will be to develop a three to five year facility plan within their perspective area (i.e., high school, middle school, elementary school, technology, ancillary) which provides for equitable, quality educational programs and meets the expectations of our community.

Process for Developing Recommendations to the Board of Trustees

Step 1 — January 2017

  • Develop Committee Structures and Charters
  • Develop selection process for Steering Committee and Subcommittees

Step 2 — January 2017

  • Present Steering Committee Membership to the LISD Board of Trustees

Step 3 — February 2017

  • Present the process to the LISD Board of Trustees — Feb. 2, 2017
  • Identify membership of the Subcommittees
  • Superintendent will work with Steering Committee to identify co-chair
  • Present membership of the Subcommittees to the LISD Board of Trustees

Step 4 — February 2017

  • Steering Committee and Subcommittees will meet to review Charters, develop meeting calendar, and identify next steps.

Step 5 — February-April 2017

  • Subcommittees will meet to identify potential needs.
  • Projections, Demographer Report, 10 Year Capital Renewal Plan, and campus identified needs will be reviewed.
  • Dr. Stein, Professor with Rice University will assist with gathering broad-based community input, using tools such as Let's Talk community interviews, to inform the Bond Advisory Committee process. Dr. Stein is scheduled to present this process to the Board of Trustees on Feb. 16, 2017

Step 6 — April-May 2017

  • Steering Committee will review and consider Subcommittee recommendations and draft a proposal for the Board of Trustees.
  • Steering Committee will hold public forums and Dr. Stein will administer surveys to gather additional feedback before making final recommendations.

Step 7 — June 2017

  • Steering Committee will present recommendations to the Superintendent.
  • Steering Committee will present recommendation to the Board of Trustees.

Step 8 — June-August 2017
***Note: Aug. 21, 2017, is the deadline to call for a November Bond Election

  • Board of Trustees considers calling a Bond Election.

Step 9 — September-October 2017

  • An Information/Education Subcommittee will be formed to develop informational materials and will conduct meetings to educate the public on the bond study process and proposed bond election.
  • Dr. Stein may conduct additional surveys to gather feedback on the educational materials and process.

Step 10 — November 2017

  • Bond Election Held (if called for by the LISD Board of Trustees)
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